What Your Favorite Movie Genre Says About You

What Your Favorite Movie Genre Says About You

Watching movies isn’t just for your entertainment to escape the realities of your life. In fact, they can be quite the opposite.

The movies you choose to watch may reflect your personality, aspirations, hidden emotions, and even situations occurring in your real life.

By analyzing your recent movie download history, you can get a glimpse of your inner psyche. Your cinema preference could be your best psychiatrist, and it won’t cost you $100 per hour.

Read on to find out what your movie genre preference says about you.

Relating to Characters

A particular movie genre has typical characters that you are drawn to.

For example, a superhero film will have an inspiring underdog who acquires powers to prove their kind-hearted nature. It will also have a villain who suffers from trauma and is often misunderstood, leading toward an evil agenda.

You relate to one or more aspects of these characters. It’s how movies tap into your emotional core. Movies purposely create characters that you can relate to by giving them a backstory, an inner dialog, and even a theme song.

One study found that music influences viewers’ connection to characters by attributing to empathy, anger, and overall likability. Thrilling music decreased a character’s popularity while dramatic music-induced feelings of caring.

Music isn’t the only influencing factor. Your personal preference for the character stems from how much of that character you see yourself.

Your Personality Traits

When you download a film from Movies Counter sometimes you search for a certain actor.

You may think that you just like the actor, but it really is the people they portray that you relate to. If you met the actor in real life, you might find them to be quite different as it takes a lot of work to transform into their character.

These qualities that you value in the actor is a reflection of what you see in yourself. And in turn, this directs your movie preference.

Here are several common personality types that describe yourself and your go-to movie idols.

The Dreamer

You have high hopes for your life as you look at the possibilities hanging in the distance. This attracts you to idealists who always have their heads in the clouds.

The Rebel

Even if you conform to society’s standards, you may have a deep urge to break from the norm. Characters who play by their own rules may attract your burning desire.

Devoted Warrior

You have an innate loyalty to honesty and integrity. This makes you a passionate fighter for what you believe in. A character that stays true to who they are despite outside forces appeals to you.

Joyful Youth

Being young is all about taking chances and having fun. Whether you are young or want to reconnect with that time period, a spontaneous character who lives life to the fullest gets your adrenaline pumping.

Talented Outcast

You might have a hidden talent or skill that goes unnoticed by others. So, you choose to watch movie downloads that involve characters expressing themselves even when they don’t have a support system.

Unlikely Adventurer

Daily life can get boring with routine. Do you ever wish that an adventure falls onto your lap like a treasure map that will lead you through a pirates cove to a chest full of gold?

Characters that are normal one day and thrown into unusual action the next appeals to your desire to escape boredom.

Curious Hero

Do you like to solve puzzles and have a quest for uncovering the truth? You probably have a thing for Sherlock Holmes as he solves crimes just for the heck of it.

Adversity Overcomer

Hardship is difficult to overcome. Movies inspire us all, but some people need it more than others. If you constantly feel dragged down by life, a survivor of adversity can give you hope.

Empathetic Savior

Strong movie characters know how to lift others up. These types of people usually serve in supportive roles, but the main characters couldn’t survive without them. You might relate to their words of wisdom and existential presence.

Hopeless Romantic

Sometimes love can be vicious to someone who devoted their being to loving another person. These characters get shot down but they always continue their quest for true love. You may relate to this enduring chase.

Fluid Lover

Instead of a monogamous search for the one, some people find love everywhere. These people have close friends and hug and kiss them often.

Magical Leader

Some leaders seem like nothing can stop them and can get anything they desire. They appear to be using magic because their efforts are so seamless. As a leader yourself, you may aspire to this level of sorcerer.

The Underdog

This classic character struggles to make it to the top and when they do, the crowd goes wild. This is because you appreciate the hard work and dedication it took to win. You also have that drive and hope that it will pay off in the end.

Movie Genres

Now that you know what type of character you most associate with, let’s take a look at the genres found throughout Movies Counter download section that reflects your personality.

You will see that, according to a University of Cambridge study, personality and gender have a direct relationship to the types of preferred genres.

The study used the Big Five survey that analyzed levels of neuroticism, openness, extraversion, conscientiousness, and agreeableness to determine the correlation between personality type and movie choice.

Let’s take a deeper look into what your movie selection says about the type of person you are.

Scary Movies

Liking horror movies can be seen as an act of rebellion and even a form of expression. This means that if you like darkness in a film, you may be introverted and reserved inside, and you use movies as a medium.

A film that pushes the boundaries of conventionalism is a way to show the world that being different is ok.

If you prefer blood and gore then you might also be more pessimistic about life. And while this may seem daunting, it also means you are a fighter. You can look fear in the eye without running away.

Overall you are a strong individual who likes to think and be outside the box.


Dramatic movies can be seen as even scarier than a horror flick. They are a roller coaster of emotion where one minute a couple is in love and the next they are in a tragic accident.

There’s quite a bit of turmoil in dramas, but you don’t seem to mind. You enjoy the ups and downs of life even if you say you don’t.

A dramatic person is just as flexible and versatile. You can bounce back from adversity and get on with your life as if nothing happened. It also means that you can be unpredictable and spontaneous.

A good drama knows how to balance the good and bad. This is how it keeps the interest of its fans. The twists and turns make life and movies more interesting.


It is a shame that it sometimes takes an open mind to laugh at a joke, but this is often the case. So, if you prefer a good comedy, you probably are laid back.

Comedies don’t follow the normal story-telling methods. They can be unpredictable. This makes you less concerned about detail, plots, and overall sensibility.

Your personality may also be disorganized and aloof, but as long as you are happy that’s all that matters. And while this makes you more optimistic, it also means you can be irresponsible in situations were seriousness is needed.


Movies with a lot of action take more preparation and coordination than most. They also take the most time, training, and money to make.

If you enjoy and appreciate action movies then you are disciplined and goal-oriented. You pay attention to detail and like high-quality things in life.

Action movies are also very predictable as they follow familiar story-lines. There are good and bad guys, a chase, and a victor. You are a sucker for familiarity but also have expectations of excitement in your life.

As the most popular genre, action and adventure movies are plentiful. You can get free movie downloads no registration required online at Movies Counter.


A common romance movie has predictable plots and endings, so they provide warm feelings like a fairytale. They offer comfort and security to those who don’t have them in real life.

If your favorite genre is romance then you might be a hopeless romantic looking for reassurance. These types of movies tell your insecure mind that there is someone out there worth waiting for.

This also means that when you are in a relationship, you have high expectations and could be high maintenance. And while your openness to love is rich, your inner stability is poor. Movies fill a void that real relationships can’t.

The good news is that your intentions are pure and your personality is genuine.


Films about a fantasy world are creative and unpredictable. This often means that you are creative. You might also be hard to please and have criticisms of others.

These qualities lead to introversion and an overactive imagination. You and your movies are all the company you need to feel content.

Since plots are complex, your ability to follow story-lines, remember uncommon names, and catch details about movies is superior. Fantasy genres challenge your mind while keeping you entertained.

The unique possibilities of fantasy make you more optimistic in your life. You might believe anything is possible and these movies confirm your beliefs.


Movies about real-life have one goal: to reveal the truth. Your personality will also include this trait. You speak in factual terms and respect honesty in people.

You may not like unpredictable situations and prefer to avoid surprises.

Documentaries also have a humanitarian element to them. They uncover secrets to inform the public of atrocities. You might also be an activist and prefer to stay informed by watching documentaries.

Animated Movies

From children’s movies to anime, cartoons and CGI films are whimsical and imaginative. They also teach lessons like no other genre.

Your personality is playful, positive, and creative. A child at heart, you don’t believe that old age should limit your ability to laugh and smile.

Animated movies are great story-tellers. They love to portray the highest qualities of humankind. You also believe in humanity and their ability to overcome, to love, and to be compassionate because you embody all these traits.

Overall, these movies make you feel good because they reassure you of life’s purpose: to be happy.


Musicals are dramas on steroids. They provide you with a full range of emotions at the highest level. You love this range because you embrace your own diversity.

You are an artist at heart and you want to be expressive like the dancers and singers of the musicals you love.

Watching your movies over and over again never change your feelings about their intensity. This is true of your own character; it is strong and unwavering.

Find Your Personality in More Genre with a Movie Download

Even if you resonate with one type of genre, it shouldn’t keep you from finding a new favorite movie. Expand your film selection and find more of your personality traits in a movie download at Movies Counter.

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